Common Forklift Injuries

How to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Safety is our number one priority while operating equipment. Unfortunately, accidents can occur if operators are not informed or not following all safety procedures.

Some injuries are simply caused by prolonged forklift operation, but there are other common forklift accidents that can be prevented.

Here are common injuries:

  • Falling from a forklift
    • Falling from a forklift can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries.
  • Getting crushed from a tipping forklift
    • If the load the forklift is picking up is too heavy, it can tip over. The operator and nearby pedestrians are at risk of getting hurt or crushed by the forklift.
  • Non-operator accidents
    • Pedestrians are in danger of getting hit by a forklift if either party is not careful. The driver could be carrying a larger load or the pedestrian could not be paying attention.
  • Prolonged forklift usage
    • Forklift operators can still suffer injuries even if no accidents occur. Sitting in awkward positions for a long time can cause back and neck pain.

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