Customer Experience Center

Medley Equipment Company to Unveil New, On-site, Full-scale, Full-service Demonstration, Training and Resource Facility! Spring 2022, Medley Equipment Company will unveil our new, onsite, full-scale, full-service, demonstration, training and resource facility! Fully interactive, Taylor made to fit your specific needs; replicate your exact workstation with fully adjustable racks, dock levelers, forklifts and more.  

Stand-Up or Sit-Down Forklifts

Stand-Up and Sit-Down Forklifts Which one works best for you? What kind of forklift does your operation need? Most people would pick a sit-down forklift becauseit is standard, but sometimes a stand-up forklift is better to get the job done. Ask yourself some questions before choosing a forklift: Will the lift beused for extended periods…

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