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BUY. RENT. LEASE. Electric & Hybrid | Articulating Boom Lifts

Today, more people are demanding environmentally friendly equipment. And more municipalities are requiring “green” building for new construction and renovations. The JLG line of electric boom lifts features longer run time, greater uptime and higher productivity. These machines are specifically designed so you have fewer scheduled services, a quieter work area, less dependency on hydraulic oils and zero emissions.

Electric & Hybrid | Articulating Boom Lifts

H340AJ Hybrid

Horizontal Outreach: 19 ft 11 in. Machine Width: 6 ft 4 in. Platform Height: 33 ft 9 in.

The H340AJ boom lift combines diesel-strength performance with the benefits of hybrid efficiency.

Electric & Hybrid | Articulating Boom Lifts

E300 Series  E300AJ  |  E300AJP

Horizontal Outreach: 20 ft 1 in. – 20 ft 3 in. Machine Width: 4 ft Platform Height: 29 ft 5 in. – 30 ft 2 in.

The E300 Series is extremely versatile—offering jib and JibPLUS® models and automatic traction control for on and off slab mobility.

Electric & Hybrid | Articulating Boom Lifts

E450 & M450 Series  E450A  |  E450AJ  |  M450AJ

Horizontal Outreach: 23 ft 1 in. – 23 ft 9 in. Machine Width: 5 ft 9 in. Platform Height: 45 ft

The E450 Series helps keep your productivity high thanks to longer duty cycles. Available with a jib or without, hybrid power or simply electrically powered, you choose the right one for your workspace, whether it’s indoors or outside.

E400 & M400 Series  E400AJPN  |  E400AN  |  M400AJPN  |  E400AJP  |  M400AJP

Horizontal Outreach: 21 ft 2 in. – 30 ft 9 in. Machine Width: 4 ft 11 in. – 5 ft 9 in. Platform Height: 40 ft

One of the best features of the E400 Series is its versatility—choose from two chassis widths, jib, JibPLUS® or non-jib options and electric or hybrid power.


Horizontal Outreach: 51 ft 10 in. Machine Width: 8 ft Platform Height: 51 ft 10 in.

Offering the same performance as a diesel with better fuel economy, the H800AJ is built on 20 years of experience in hybrid technology.

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